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Cube storage (CS)

Cube Storage (CS)

In a cube storage, a flat intermediate storage area is overlaid with an in-house storage area. This combination provides an optimal balance of large storage space and high flexibility. The storage and retrieval machine serves as a transfer car and feeds the shelves itself. The Cube Storage allows single- or double-deep storage. The high dynamics of the area storage are combined with the long-term storage from the second shelf level of the in-house storage. The storage and retrieval machine also functions as transfer car during the re-storage of the goods.


  • Intermediate storage solution as buffer storage
  • Used between corrugator and further converting
  • Ideal for intermediate storage in limited spaces
  • Utilization of the corrugator's performance capacity and provision of orders for further converting


  • Utilization of hall height, high storage density
  • Low personnel requirements, cost reduction due to elimination of forklift trucks
  • Optimum utilization of space, thus low proportion of traffic area
  • Immediate availability of the goods
  • Storage of large capacities and various goods in one warehouse
  • Separate infeed and outfeed prevents waiting time for the storage system or for subsequent production machines
  • Permanently up-to-date warehouse management

Plastic chain conveyor in Cube Storage


  • Gentle transport and avoidance of damage
  • Transport of all qualities and formats processed
  • Transport without „sheet walk effect“
  • Smooth transport through frequency-controlled drives
  • Reverse operation mode
  • Clean, easy-care surface
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • High safety for the operating personnel
  • Complete visualization and material flow tracking possible


The transport direction can be changed by 90° or any other angle by means of turntables.

Vertical lift

Vertical lifts connect two or more levels in order to return tools, printing plates and colors back into the warehouse. They can also be used for heavy piece goods.


  • Low maintenance compared to cable elevators
  • Execution with or without conveyor technology
  • High lifting and lowering speeds
  • No pit required
  • Increased safety by two lifting belts each
  • Lean, space-saving construction

Right angle stations

Right angle stations are used in corrugated cardboard transport systems when the transport direction in the process is changed by 90° and thus the length-width-ratio is also changed.


  • Both transport directions with plastic chain
  • Large-scale support of goods
  • Gentle transport of bottom sheets
  • Suitable for all formats and qualities
  • Compact and safe construction

Double-floor intermediate storage


  • when there is not enough space on one floor
  • safe discharge from one or serveral corrugators for all sizes and speeds
  • continuous supply of all machines for further processing and a direct line for articles for sale
  • gentle fully-automatic stack transport
  • reduction of waste material
  • increased production by intelligent material flow control


  • space-saving, optimal utilization of space especially regarding the height of the hall
  • high throughput
  • possibility of resorting from stage to stage or from floor to floor
  • electrical lifting devices on transfer car
  • camera monitoring of top floor
  • simple and efficient protection of double-floor storage
  • utilization of other floors to store printing plates, colours and tools


Complex control of individual intralogistics systems

There is a complex control process behind the flexibility and the size of these intralogistics processes. This process also includes software solutions optimally adjusted to the individual conditions.
They are based on MINDA MoveIT, the control and visualization system for intralogistics programmed by MINDA.
The system coodinates the control of transport sections, floor conveyors and packing devices according to the plans of the ERP system.
This superordinated control based on PC is further internally developed by experienced programmers.
MINDA MoveIT guarantees a fully-automatic operation in all transport sections. The transport operations are optimized so that all storing places are efficiently used.
In the discharge area behind the corrugator the system exactly defines how and in which order and sequence the corrugated cardboard stacks reach the intermediate storage and the converting machines with an optimal utilization of the transport capacity.
These calculations are effected in real time and are the condition for continuous new evaluations of the prioritites of the individual operations.

Complete transport operation

The converting machines are supplied in time with goods for conversion according to the definitions of the ERP systems. After the conversion, the corrugated cardboard stacks are discharged from the machines and fed to the pallet protection. (picture 2) Here the correct pallet type is automatically prepared and the data for the strapping are available. The secured goods reach the finished goods storage and are ready for despatch.
The system flexibly reacts to inputs by the operators. During the entire production process the products can always be identified.
A dynamic visualization of the processes provides the customer an overview of the complete production flow.

Further MINDA solutions for the corrugated board industry.

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