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Machine discharge

Machine discharge

Let us carry out the transport from your processing machines to a storage system (IHS or HRL) or to the shipping area. We develop a suitable concept together with you being adapted to your requirements. Breakers and palletizers are also part of our product portfolio. You can find more information on this under Machine periphery.

Plastic chain conveyor for machine discharge


  • Flexible working widths and lengths for each machine and adjusted to local conditions
  • Smooth transport through frequency-controlled drives
  • Reverse operation mode
  • Transport with and without pallet
  • Designed for the machine performance
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • High safety for the operating personnel
  • Complete visualization and material flow tracking


Transport direction changes of 90° or any other angles are realized via turntables. Depending on space conditions and performance requirements, the diameter is selected and, if necessary, several stacks are picked up and turned simultaneously.

Stack turner

MINDA distinguishes between stack turners turning in or crosswise to the transport direction.

Stack turners turning in transport direction are used to turn stacks in front of or behind printing machines. They turn stacks up to 2 t with and without pallets in minimal cycle time and can also be operated in throughfeed operation. Moreover, the turner can palletize oder depalletize the stacks.
Starting turning process in transport direction

Stack turners turning crosswise to the transport direction are mainly used in the finished goods transport. The stack is gently clamped and turned by 180°. The following stack is directly fed into the turner and can be turned, as the turning drum does not have to be returned. This system is only used in throughfeed operation and turns stacks up to 1 t.

Stacking corner with/without lifting table

Stacking corners are used for manual stacking behind converting machines, when automatic palletizers are not used.
The stacking corner consists of a packing corner with adjustable side wall, which is in a pit or on an electrical lifting table.
In models with lifting table, the operator can raise and lower the lifting table by a foot switch. (ergonomic workplace)

Turning cross

The turning cross is designed to turn corrugated board stacks in front of converting machines.
The stack length is measured when it runs onto the plastic chain conveyors and it is centred on the turning cross.
Once the block has been turned by +90° to the right/left or by 180°, it is centrally positioned in front of the machine.
Even sensitive and extremely small blocks can be conveyed smoothly and gently on this plastic chain conveyor.

Right angle stations

Right angle stations are used in corrugated cardboard transport systems when the transport direction in the process is changed by 90° and thus the length-width-ratio is also changed.


  • Both transport directions with plastic chain
  • Large-scale support of goods
  • Gentle transport of bottom sheets
  • Suitable for all formats and qualities
  • Compact and safe construction

Semi-automatic palletizing

The semi-automatic palletizing is used to create stacks behind a converting machine and always works at the same height. The bundles do not have to be lifted by the operator.

The operator pushes the the bundles onto the stacking plate, where packing patterns are built. After the complete layer has been created, the layer change is activated by means of the push-button. Then the stacking plate returns and the finished layer falls onto the pallet.

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