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Building and insulation industry

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Building and insulating materials - indispensable, in the future as well

Many 1000 years ago human beings have already used natural building and insulating materials. Since then, nothing goes without. They stand for tradition and a modern life. Without the building materials there would not be any roads, bridges, residential and commercial buildings as well as buildings for sports and leisure.

The building materials industry comprises both processes: the extraction and production of building materials. On the one hand, the raw materials extracted are processed or refined into high-quality building products; on the other hand they are used in many other branches of industry. In the age of resource shortage as well as climate and environmental protection, the importance of insulating materials continues to grow. With its products, the industry is giving significant impulses for a modern, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient construction.

Current challenges in the construction and insulating materials industry

This branch of industry is also characterized by new challenges: amongst others the shortage of raw materials, increasing prices for raw material and energy as well as the demands on energy efficiency and sustainability.

For conservation of resources, the use of secondary raw materials by recycling residues and construction waste is mandatory. In addition, innovative and sustainable building and insulating materials contribute significantly to energy savings and thus to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Even in the future more efficient and automated production processes will continue to be decisive factors for the cost structure and competitiveness of the branch of industry.

MINDA solutions for the building and insulating materials industry

Our core competence is transporting of your products, starting from the receipt of goods through production to the readiness for dispatch.  Your special requirements and demands are "the measure of all things" for us. We do not produce anything "off the shelf". Customer-specific solutions are our standard - and everything from a single source.

Transport of piece goods

Our services and fields:

Palletizing and packing

Our services and fields:

Examples for realised conveyor systems

Our services and fields:

This is what MINDA stands for

"Everything in the world is based on a clever idea and a firm decision."                      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

MINDA Industrieanlagen in Tangerm√ľnde has been a reliable manufacturer of modern intralogistics and special solutions in mechanical engineering for more than two decades.

It is our competence to supply complete plants for the internal material flow beginning with the development and ending with the commissioning. Customer-specific solutions for the building materials industry have also been part of our portfolio for many years. We find suitable solutions for your special transport job - from a single stone to large-volume or heavy formats. 

Various components such as roller conveyors, chain conveyors and rail-bound transport cars with loads from 0.5 kg up to 15 t are used.

We have the right solution for your specific job - whether it is a transport on pallet or without or in a container. Give us a try.

Our promise

We support our customer in realizing their individual ideas - from the draft via the production and commissioning at site up to life-long service.

Thanks to our competence and know-how, we follow apparently impossible ways for you. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied.

MINDA expertise at a glance

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