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Tyre industry

Conveying tyres and raw materials

Uninterrupted material flow and efficient production processes guaranteed

For over 40 years, MINDA has been making automated intralogistics solutions for in-process storage systems, integrating processing machinery or conveying finished goods. We don’t give you a standard solution but one tailored to your requirements, particularly in areas where top quality is required but there’s a squeeze on costs.

We guarantee robust manufacturing technology, customised software and commissioning by our team that is bang on schedule.

MINDA offers a comprehensive service range, from line adaptations typical of the industry to consulting to extensive engineering and full assembly of new systems and production lines. Our engineers are experienced in the sector and come with the expertise required to support you from the very first meeting until the moment the product is in operation. We use our skills to draw up customised solutions so that you can exploit the potential of your production and logistics processes to the full and cut planned and unplanned downtime.

The flexibility and magnitude of intralogistics processes are based on a very complex control process. This also includes software that’s a perfect fit with the conditions at hand.

Our after-sales service team helps to ensure a high level of spare-part availability and contacts available around the clock make machinery even more efficient and production more reliable.

MINDA solutions for the tyre industry.

Whether it’s a case of conveying feedstock, green or vulcanised tyres, or tyre handling and in-process storage, we can offer effective, automated conveying technology solutions that make your production and logistics processes more efficient.

Tyre conveying

Our services and fields:

What MINDA stands for

We develop solution-driven, tailor-made solutions especially for you. We’re there every step of the way, from demand-based planning, to production, to service and support. At MINDA, you can expect robust manufacturing technology that ticks all the boxes.

From blending the feedstock to storing the finished tyres, MINDA’s conveying technology gets production moving. Our conveyors stand apart for their durability, vehicle-friendly handling capabilities and efficient and reliable operation.

The consistently modular design keeps the number of mechanical and control components low. This makes warehousing spare and wear parts less complicated.

MINDA services at a glance

  • Consulting
  • Project planning
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Software solutions
  • Service
  • Training sessions
  • 24/7 support
  • Safety checks

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Our wide range of modular components offers superior efficiency and economy while reflecting customised requirements. Benefit from our longstanding expertise in tyre conveying when it comes to demand-based planning, executing projects and support provided by our customer services team. We’re a reliable partner and have in-depth expertise to contribute.