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Railway technology

Tailor-made and unique

The future belongs to rail transport

Rail transport has lost none of its attractiveness in both passenger and freight transport. Mobility becomes more and more important for our lives.

In competition with alternative modes of transport, rail transport is still safer, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly. For this reason, the growth rates in local transport, freight transport and also continental high-speed transport are impressive.

Today`s vehicles are highly complex systems consisting of many subsystems and components. High demands on safety, reliability and economy as well as energetic competition have a massive impact on the railway industry.

Current challenges in railway technology

Topics such as international competition. increasing urbanization and global trade, shortage of resources, climate and environmental protection as well as efficient, functioning networks are current challenges in the railway industry.

In order to meet the permanently growing requirements, the efficiency of the manufacturing processes of rail vehicles and their components must be considerably increased. It is also imperative to optimize all maintenance and repair processes so that the services life of the vehicles is increased and maintenance costs are reduced at the same time.

More efficient and cost-effective rail vehicles as well as their reliability and maximum availability will be decisive for success in rail transport in the future.

MINDA solutions for the rail vehicle industry

We develop and manufacture tailor-made devices and systems for the manufacture of rail vehicles and their components. We comply with your specific requirements and specifications. We don`t provide anything "ready-made". Customer-specific solutions are our standard - and everything from a single source.

Car body construction

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Workshop equipment

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Bogie and wheelset handling

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Application-specific devices and systems

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This is what MINDA stands for

"Success requires two things: Clear goals and a burning desire to achieve them."             Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For more than 25 years, MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH in Tangermuende has been an approved specialist for customer-specific solutions for the daily use in workshops and manufacturing companies for rail vehicles as well as for similar fields of application.

To optimize your production processes in rail vehicle construction and in maintenance, we develop and manufacture customer-specific devices and special machines with different drive and control concepts as well as individual special solutions.

Tailor-made and innovative problem solutions from a single source are our strength.

Our promise

We support our customer in realizing their individual ideas - from the draft via the production and commissioning at site up to life-long service.

Thanks to our competence and know-how, we follow apparently impossible ways for you. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied.

MINDA expertise at a glance

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