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Vehicle leakage testing

The purpose of vehicle leakage testing is to check for leaks in vehicles or vehicle components due to external factors like wind and rain.
Leakage testing is carried out on vehicle series, prototypes and customised vehicles.

Leakage testing of vehicle series

This machinery is designed as a continuous flow installation that can test up to 100 vehicles per hour. Its design is based on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Some of these leak detection systems are designed with a car wash.

In addition to MINDA conveyor technology, the system includes a tunnel with ventilation, water treatment with appropriate filters, pumps etc., a dryer as well as a control system, which also includes vehicle testing documentation.

Leakage testing of prototypes

These systems are designed as single cabins to be installed inside production facilities or as freestanding buildings. Compared with leakage testing of a series of vehicles, these systems allow a lot more tests to be carried out. The vehicle is placed on lift tables to simulate the influence of gradients while the vehicle is being driven.

Jets than can be activated and adjusted allow just parts of the vehicle to be tested.
A separate fan is available for wind simulations.

There’s also a low and a high-pressure range here. The system includes the cabin or the building with ventilation, water treatment with the appropriate filters, pumps, a dryer etc. as well as a control system, which also includes vehicle testing documentation.

Customised leakage testing

We design this machinery to customers’ specifications. In this segment, we have already manufactured vehicle cabins (agricultural/harvesting machinery, cranes, construction machinery...).

MINDA components in operation

Our wide range of modular components offers superior efficiency and economy while reflecting customised requirements. Benefit from our longstanding expertise in the automotive sector when it comes to demand-based planning, executing projects and support provided by our customer services team. We’re a reliable partner and have in-depth expertise to contribute.

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