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Vehicle care Wiehl

The 39-metre-long dual track conveyor with a plastic modular belt (dual track plastic chain conveyor) was commissioned in March 2019. The customer approached MINDA because accidents with a range of different new vehicles had repeatedly occurred in the car wash. MINDA quickly realised that the problem lay in the single track drag chain conveying technology. The car wash is surrounded by a lot of local car showrooms that like to use Wiehl’s car wash service. Due to ever more complex driver assistance systems in cars, a dual track plastic chain conveyor at Wiehl was a must. The technology was a success with both the operator and customers, proving that MINDA was right.

The project was quite a challenge because an unscheduled pit change was made after the conveyor had been delivered. Thanks to the modular design, fitters were able to adapt the belt length to the actual pit. Even after commissioning, MINDA proved its flexibility because it was able to make changes requested by the customer to the appearance of the conveyor too.