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Success Stories


MINDA in the Far East – 50 modular people-mover conveyors for VINFAST

Vietnamese automotive manufacturer VinFast, a member of the VinGroup, has built a new production facility on the island of Cát Hải in the north Vietnamese province of Hải Phòng. Ergonomic workspaces with people-mover conveyors were set up to enable workers on the production line to operate both efficiently and comfortably.

The short completion period specified by the customer was primarily what made the project so challenging. The planned 3-metre-wide people-mover conveyors, which were 60 metres long on the first line and 90 metres on the second, needed to be up and running in just a few weeks. To meet the deadline, MINDA came up with a compact and modular design for the people-mover conveyors. The benefits of this concept were obvious. The fast lead time and easy assembly immediately impressed the customer. Furthermore, the simple plug & play capability provided by the modular, turnkey people-mover conveyors also cut the time for commissioning drastically.

The customer immediately filled in most of the pits already built to install the wide belts that had been planned to allow assembly of 50 modular people-mover conveyors, each 6 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and with a low overall height of 120 mm. Thanks to the low overall height of the conveyors, pits aren’t actually necessary, but adapting the existing pits allowed flush-floor positioning of the modular conveyors.

The customer was delighted to have made an investment in the future because the modular people-mover conveyors meant that any expansion or reorganisation of the production line was easier. This ensures the customer can flexibly and very easily react to any new models and production processes in the future.

The goal was to come up with a plug and play solution and this was exactly what MINDA’s modular people-mover conveyors delivered.