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Interior cleaning belt conveyors

MINDA’s conveyors with plastic belts have long been used in the automotive industry as mobile platforms for vehicle assembly. This proven technology enables new processes in vehicle preparation and interior cleaning. The whole of the vehicle interior (after it has proceeded through a car wash) can be cleaned in 10 minutes.

Tried-and-tested design from the automotive industry

Similarly to automotive manufacturing, interior cleaning belt conveyors can be fitted at ground level or raised. Raised systems have ramps and side platforms for optimum accessibility. They can be supplied and assembled with tubs and fully enclosed. The overall height is between 250 and 400 mm.


The vehicle passes through various service stations at a belt speed of 2 to 3 metres/min. The practical belt width of up to 4 metres offers cleaning operatives maximum freedom of movement – even when doors are wide open. Studies from the automotive industry show definite ergonomic advantages of this type of vehicle-synchronous conveying. Cleaning operatives can also concentrate much better on the job at hand.

Strengths of MINDA interior cleaning belt conveyors

  • Sophisticated technology
  • Customer-friendly conveyor concepts
  • Fast vehicle cleaning
  • Ergonomic workspaces

MINDA components in operation

Our wide range of modular components offers superior efficiency and economy while reflecting customised requirements. Benefit from our longstanding expertise in the car wash sector when it comes to demand-based planning, executing projects and support provided by our customer services team. We’re a reliable partner and have in-depth expertise to contribute.

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