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Graduation after shorter time...

With the completion of the 3. training year, five apprentices from Minda made it again: Noori Alhato, Marcel Pape, Thomas Schulde, Leon Tiedermann and Robin Steuer all passed their exams and successfully completed their training. 

The employees and the management congratulate on this graduation and welcome the Mindaners as new specialists in the team.

Looking back, Marcel Pape expressed many laudatory words for his training at MINDA. "Right from the start you feel like a fully accepted employee and the working atmosphere is really great," he describes his start at MINDA. "Even during the recruitment test they made jokes." However, the years were not always easy. Especially because he had shortened his training period, the last weeks were very hard, as he missed half a year at school. "It really wasn't easy to catch up on all the stuff, but our training supervisor helped us a lot, so we made it anyway". The training supervisor, Benjamin Djawanshiri, was also very satisfied with his trainees. And what happens now after the training and education? For Marcel Pape, the answer is clear: "I would like to work and enjoy some distance from school.  In two or three years, I'll think about whether I might do some further training as technician. 

Since MINDA trains their staff for its own requirements and pursues the goal of continuing to employ all trainees after their training, we place great emphasis on further training of our employees. For this reason, it is possible for each of the five Mindaners to continue their education directly here in the company, to start a second apprenticeship or even to start studying. All doors are open to our employees. 

Editor: Tim Robin Witte, 2nd training year as industrial clerk