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MINDA has an overview of the entire intralogistic process

Published by the International Paper Board Industry, February 2020

From the paper reel at the corrugator up to loading the trucks

Handling in the finished goods sector

Continuous information processing is the basis for a fully automated production flow and requires a comprehensive system connecting the individual process steps which take place in different locations. 
These include the production of corrugated sheets from the paper reels, their intermediate storage, further processing and finished goods handling up to dispatch or finished goods storage. 
From the entire data, the information required for the respective process step is considered in order to carry out the corresponding logistical processes. Every single transport unit contains its individually assigned information and is clearly identifiable. 
This is independent of the type of goods, e.g. stacks of sheet material, bundles of folded cardboard boxes or strapped and wrapped finished goods pallets. 
In the area of the paper reel storage MINDA offers data tracking of paper reels in the corrugator area. 
This includes the origin of the paper reel, to which paper reel stand it was delivered as well as the handling of the remaining reel.

The block optimization in the corrugator discharge is derived from the corrugator data of the individual discharge units and the production planning data.
Based on the production sequence of the converting machines, the intermediate storage is organized and administered, and the appropriate supply of sheets to the machines is ensured. The type of intermediate storage is insignificant, whether area or rack storage. 

Further details are relevant for the handling of the finished goods. For automatic pallet loading these are e.g. type and orientation of the pallets as well as rules for strapping and film wrapping. This also includes printing and label application.
A continuous data tracking of the transport units also enables the management and operation of a high-bay warehouse for finished goods, if necessary with downstream provision for truck tours.
The individual process steps can be linked with continuous data tracking over the entire production process. Via the MINDA MoveIT visualization system the relevant information in the various sectors can be called up and displayed in real time. 

MINDA offers this from one source in a consistently user-friendly interface.