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Donation for the Freundeskreis Ikiraro e.V.

The Freundeskreis Ikiraro e.V. supports projects for the promotion of training and education in Ruli (Rwanda). Just as the name of the association “Ikiraro” means bridge, the philosophy of the association focuses on helping people to help themselves.

The MINDA Cares donation was intended to support the primary school with new furniture. But instead of donating the required furniture directly, materials and machines were purchased locally and donated to the local vocational school and their craft classes.

The vocational school - with a bricklayer's workshop and an area for timber construction - was thus able to manufacture the furniture for the primary school. Thus, they not only supported the primary school but also the practical training of the vocational school students.

In addition, there was an urgent need for new toilets for the vocational school. The MINDA Cares donation could also provide support here and was used for materials for the new building.

MINDA employee Martina Korte spent two weeks in Rwanda in January 2019 and accompanied the donation project. She emphasized once again how important it is that the projects supported by the Ikiraro Association should continue to exist even if the active financial support should be terminated one day.

In addition to the financial MINDA Cares donation, mobile phones were collected in the company prior to the start of the project in Rwanda. These phones were not just distributed on site in Ruli, but were rewarded with a "return service": The mobile phones were handed out with the request to send photos of the developing projects in order to support the press work of the association in Germany.

This means that the entire MINDA Cares donation sum for the past year 2018 was paid to two projects. With the donation to the "Löschtiger of the Raddestorf Children's Fire Brigade" and the "Freundeskreis Ikiraro", MINDA has supported two projects with heart and commitment.

We are already looking forward to new suggestions for further heart projects from employees for MINDA Cares 2019!