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WAGO sponsorship award for the best trainees in the Minden-Lübbecke district

He just wanted to do a practical school training.

Award for Mick Koch (1st prize) and Daniel Beitans (2nd prize) former construction mechanic trainee at MINDA.

Congratulations to the top-ranked construction mechanics Mick Koch (MINDA), Daniel Beitans (MINDA) and Robin Bartholdi (Kolbus).

Award for Mick Koch (1st prize) and Daniel Beitans (2nd prize). former construction mechanic trainee at MINDA
For the 21st time the Wago Foundation awarded a prize to the three best students of their training year in the district of Minden-Lübbecke. Wolfgang Hohorst, Wago's managing director for many years, originated the foundation in 1998 to promote dual training and support young people starting their careers
In November 2019, 37 best trainees of the year in 12 training occupations were honored.

Two former MINDA apprentices won the prizes for first and second place among the construction mechanics (m/f/d). 
Construction mechanic Mick Koch was happy about his top ranking. His career, however, was rather determined by chance. Actually, he only wanted to do a practical school training on his way to his vocational baccalaureate and subsequent studies. Gerd Abelmann, training supervisor at MINDA at that time, became aware of him, because as a student he could already weld. He gave him a well-meant advice to do something "reasonable" first. "Then you have something in your hand and can make and further decisions afterwards" was his statement. That made the former student think about his plans and so he started his training at MINDA on August 1, 2016. He quickly developed a passion for his future profession. "It wasn't just a training for him in order to pass a training qualification afterwards." Retrospectively he also emphasized in his speech as representative of the honored students that he found not only colleagues but also friends at MINDA with whom he also spent his free time. On the other hand, Mick Koch learned to take responsibility for himself and for his work, which he demonstrated on international installations. He could even overcome his fear of flying. 
Moreover, he realized that with the right training you can make a difference and become entirely involved in the company. That's his goal, what he's pursuing. After successfully completing his specialist baccalaureate in Nienburg, he intends to start practice-integrated mechanical engineering studies at the Technical College (FH) in Bielefeld at the Minden campus, which he would like to complete as a MINDANER.
Second-place construction mechanic Daniel Beitans will also complete his vocational baccalaureate at MINDA. But since his heart is strongly beating for vehicles, he will follow studies in this sector.

Our sincere congratulations to the new construction mechanics on their first step into the professional world. All the best for the future!

MINDA has already presented several best trainees of the year. Bastian Wilharm and Roman Markwart received their awards from the Wago Foundation in 2011. After his practice-integrated studies Mr. Wilharm now works as a design engineer in the field of solid wood plants and Mr. Markwart is a member of the the work preparation department. 
This shows that it is correct to focus on the personality of the individual and to orient and individually promote all professional development opportunities on a long-term basis.

The entire MINDA Group currently offers 17 different training courses which many apprentices benefit from.