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MINDA Festival: 40 years – We will rock you!

At the MINDA Festival "40 years - We will rock you!" on the occasion of the company's 40th anniversary, employees and visitors were able to experience the company in many ways.

More than 1500 visitors came to the company’s premises at Hans-Böckler-Straße on Saturday, 21.09.19 and were eager to see what awaited them behind the black curtain to the festival grounds. On the one hand, the celebration was intended as a thank-you for the tireless commitment of the employees, and on the other hand, it should offer interested parties the opportunity to get to know the company better.

In the "Job Area", short expert discussions were held concerning training, studies, practical courses and also on recruiting specialists. Open positions and the "MINDA benefits" as an eye-catcher were presented on a construction fence, and trainees explained the intralogistic processes via models and simulations.

For a detailed insight into the production area, visitors could take part in guided tours to find out what is happening at MINDA behind the scenes.

For all those being free from vertigo, the opportunity was given to view the company and its surroundings from the balloon on the crane: From a height of around 40 metres there was a breathtaking view from the festival grounds over the Mittellandkanal to the Wiehengebirge mountains.

In order to provide the festival with a suitable rocking setting, various artists created a great atmosphere on two stages or as a walking act between the visitors. For the little ones a children's area with playground equipment, a handicraft corner and an exhibition of the Raddestorf children's fire brigade was offered.  The children's fire brigade "Löschtiger" and the presentation of the "Ikiraro" association are two projects which are supported by the donation program MINDA Cares.

The festival program was rounded off by wonderful sunshine so that you could also enjoy the ice cream from the dessert bar at temperatures over 20 degrees.

We say THANK YOU to the numerous interested visitors who, together with all Mindaners and their families, made this day so colorful and diversified.