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Focus on economical use of resources

Five of our trainees took part in the Chamber of Commerce Project "Energy Scouts OWL 2019" and reached the second place with their project "Intralogistic optimization - Warehouse optimization in the production of switch cabinets".

Our MINDA EnergyScouts: Phil Radek, Simon Genske, Erdan Saidov und Maik Gorny (from left)

The aim of this project was to focus the trainees' attention on the considerate use of energy, resources and materials. For this purpose, weak points in the company were to be discovered, waste minimized or processes and structures optimized.

The MINDA trainee team met regularly for half a year and worked out the following: The core component of the idea was the material flow of the company's switch cabinet production. Since the switch cabinets are moved alternately from one production site to another - 1.6 km apart - during the production cycle, the idea came up to realize the entire production centrally at one production site.

Thanks to the new created storage space - as a platform on the second level - the manufactured switch cabinets could be delivered, prepared and stored centrally at one production site without having to travel back and forth between the two sites. This would not only save costs and CO2, but the warehouse at the other location would also be relieved at the same time.

Until the award ceremony on 19th November 2019, it was exciting for our five trainees, Simon Genske, Phil Radek, Erdan Saidov, Maik Gorny and Mick Koch. Up to that date, they did not know which place their project would be awarded. Our trainees were very happy about the 2nd place award. It was nice to be able to develop something for our own company, something that was also implemented further and something to be proud of. 

In the next year, MINDA will again integrate the Energy Scout project into the in-house training and thus motivate young trainees to support a more economical use of resources.