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Production of small-size CLT panels

Location: USA
Space requirement: 125 x 40 m
Starting material: planed panels
Finished product: Roadway slabs
Length: 4,260 – 5,490 mm
Width: 2.440 mm
Thickness: 114 - 165 mm
Press technology: TimberPress X 225
Glue:  1K - PUR
Batch size: Series production

Production of large-size CLT panels

Location: Sweden
Space requirement: 110 x 20 m
Starting material: unplaned panels
Finished product: large-size CLT panels
Length: 2,050 x 3,100 mm
Width: 8,000 x 16,600 mm
Thickness: 60 - 350 mm
Press technology: TimberPress X 331
Glue: 1K - PUR
Batch size: 1 - production to order

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